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2021 Revised Volunteer schedule
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This group is for parents to connect to other parents for the sole purpose of switching volunteer times. This group is for parents to connect to other parents for the sole purpose of switching volunteer times.

Concession Stand Volunteer Guidelines

2021 Season

  • A $150 deposit is placed to ensure parent volunteers and shows up for their scheduled time slot.
  • A buy out of $75 to bypass the volunteer requirement can be placed and we will place one of our paid subs in the slot.
  • During the season, your volunteer date must be at least 7 days away. If your date is less than 7 days away please contact hovanec@epgirlssoftball.com before paying your deposit to make sure we can get a replacement.
  • If you need to switch your volunteer shift and/or find a sub, you must do so with another parent. If you chose to find a family member or friend, they must be 18 yrs or older.
  • We have had too many problems with leaving this up to the discretion of the parents.
  • You may see some younger people in the stand, but those are our pre-trained, paid subs
  • Your children CAN NOT be in the stand with you. This rule is per our insurance.
  • All subs and schedule changes must be preapproved by the Volunteer Coordinator, Veronica Troglia
  • If you are having trouble finding a parent to switch with and/or a sub, you can do so by joining the EPGSL Volunteer Facebook group. This group’s sole purpose is to connect parents with each other. Approval is required to join this group. Request to be added and I will approve you.
  • Please notify Volunteer Coordinator of your desire to take the buyout at least 1 week in advance to guarantee that a sub is available.
  • You may attempt to arrange a paid sub up until the day off, but we cannot guarantee one will be available.
  • Failure to show up to your scheduled shift and/or make proper plans to fill your shift, will result in the league cashing your check, and requiring a larger deposit next year. If you make an approved switch and that parent does not show up, then it is their responsibility.
  • If you are going to be late, contact Veronica Troglia.
  • If you show up more than 20 minutes late, we will call in one of our subs and cash your check.
  • Our league relies heavily on revenue from the concession stand, and if we are not properly staffed, it hinders our ability to take in the funds crucial to providing your daughter with the best experience possible.
  • If it rains on the day your scheduled and the games are canceled you DO NOT have to make up a time. But please don't pray for rain.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of this matter.



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